Ideaversal, vos idées 

When People have a Problem achieving a Goal, find a Solution, create a Business

This exhibition only works on PC, macs, linux with a recent browser. Sorry for the inconvenience, if your are running on mobile or tablet.

Other work in WebGL

How to navigate

Drag and drop on the screento turn up and down. Use the wheel button to enter in or go back.
On the key board : "z", "w" and the "arrows" do the same.

A World of idea

Ideaversal, values ideas and execution. We constantly imagine how can technology impact businesses and social tends.

This exhibition focus concretely on browser technology and what it can bring to user experience. The world of 3D representation is clearly at hand for those who use PCs, Macs, Linux on IE, Mozilla, Chrome.
behind this scene is WebGL technology, providing new ways to express graphics designers' art for Web. It can enhace your visibility.

Take for example building renting and purchasing. Building can be represented in 3D, virtual visits can show actual footage mixed with replaced parts that helps vizualing wall removing, amenagement or repaints.

This representation shows 500 particles charged (+) and 20 charged (-) interacting with electrostatic forces. An elastic force keep them all connected to the center. A dynamic force reduce their speed anytime they accelerate.

charge of particles are slightly different by a factor of 10% at most, which makes them move endlessly.

Many conformations are possible, it is computed in real time on your computer